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What is Holistic Dentistry? Holistic Dentistry is a form of natural alternative dentistry which focuses upon the wellness of the whole person (mind body spirit.) It is the original dentistry created by Dr. Weston A. Price (the greatest holistic dentist.) He did extensive research into why people living in industrial countries (Britain, the United States, Australia, etc.) have far worse dental health than people who live in native cultures.

It is the most exhaustive research ever done. His research showed that to have optimum oral and dental health you must do certain things that people in the “modern world” are not doing. And it shows in your teeth! His detailed research absolutely shows that they way modern dentistry does things is the worst way to achieve dental health, and again, it shows! He discovered that people that live in “modern societies” usually have soil deficiencies that lead to lack of necessary minerals needed for dental and bone health.


Japan has the least amount of osteoporosis and dental decay and Britain and the U.S. have the most.  Their soil is full of nutrients that we lack. They also get plenty of natural fermented fish oils, particularly fermented cod liver oil. It is also full of vitamin A and D (D3) that is necessary for tooth health and prevents tooth decay and cavities. 

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Holistic Dentistry vs Traditional Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry vs Traditional Dentistry differs greatly and it is the difference between having healthy, strong beautiful teeth and gums and having constant dental problems. Holistic (Natural Dentistry) differs from mainstream traditional dentistry (although it's not really traditional dentistry, it is the authorized one by the pharmaceutical based dental board.) It is really “modern dentistry,” and not traditional. Holistic dental therapies are not pharmaceutical or chemical based.


Instead they use a toxin and mercury free approach, the only one that is verified by the greatest dentist of all times (Dr. Weston Price) because of his unique research for decades! It gives you largely safe and pain free oral health with long-term health. Instead of root canals, fillings and heavy antibiotics which are used in your standard dental office, you are offered a dental wellness plan that helps you heal (and keep) your own natural teeth and maintain a healthy gum level.


Modern dentistry is based on standards created by the ADA (American Dental Association) and promotes concepts that cause tooth decay, not tooth health. They still promote sodium fluoride (the toxic poison,) root canals (an unnecessary and harmful treatment that will haunt you for life, if you don't get it fixed.)


Research the film “Root Cause.” They also promoted mercury amalgam fillings and suggested you should smoke cigarettes! You can still see the ads where they did so on YouTube! Holistic Dentistry can help you reverse the damage caused by “modern dentistry” and restore optimum dental health and beautiful teeth..

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Is Fluoride Toxic?

Is Fluoride Toxic? Fluoride is another huge toxin and there is plenty of research on how dangerous and unnecessary this is for dental and immune system health. To see all the fluoride dangers visit the Fluoride Action Network for more info on what this does to your body and health. It does not protect your teeth one bit, it does poison your brain and immune system! It doesn't help prevent cavities either, it actually causes dental fluorosis! 


You can easily get the toxic sodium fluoride out of your tap water using a Fluoride and Radiation Removing Water Filter. You don't need fluoride, and you can now get a good fluoride-free toothpaste almost anywhere. I do highly recommend the Jade Enameling Toothpaste (shown towards the end of this article) because not only is it fluoride free, but it restores lost tooth enamel, whitens your teeth and even boosts your immune system!


You also are frequently zapped with cancer causing radiation from the x-rays. If you don't think it's dangerous, then why does the dentist and staff leave the room and hide behind lead walls as they zap you? These are all forms of heavy metal toxicity and poisoning (radiation is a heavy metal as well.) Zeolite is the only natural substance that can safely remove all three of these harmful toxins from your body.

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Dental Problems

There is a lot you can do to not only heal from tooth problems but to naturally prevent them so you don't have to have painful dental visits and unhealthy looking teeth. You can avoid the most common dental problems by choosing holistic dentistry instead. Here's what you can expect by going to a traditional dentist:

  • Toxic Mercury Amalgam Fillings (These actually poison your whole body and lead to a number of diseases)
  • Fluoride Treatments (They actually use and recommend this poison, which actually CAUSES dental decay – it's called dental fluorosis)
  • Unnecessary and Dangerous Root Canals (100% are highly painful and unnecessary, not to mention expensive. There is a groundbreaking documentary from Netflix called Root Cause which has the founding father of holistic dentistry, Weston A. Price, saying it is always a bad idea. Dr. Mercola echoes his sentiment.)
  • Permanent Gum Damage (Standard dentistry is really invasive and frequently damages your gums, leaving your tooth open to decay)
  • Lethal anesthesiology (Many people have adverse reactions, or never even wake up from this drug)
  • Harmful Prescription Medications (Almost all are poisons to the body, and cause damage to other parts of your body – the opposite of Holistic!)
  • Repeat Visits (You can avoid a lot of repeat visits and excessively expensive and unnecessary treatments, think Pain!)

I've made the switch and there is no way in the world I would ever go back. My standard dentist hacked up my mouth something terrible and I lost a lot of gum tissue and suffered through 4 root canals on the same tooth.


They recommended the same for other teeth, and even wanted to do another root canal on the same one they didn't get right yet. At $2,000 a pop and horrible pain (even for a Marine) I said “are you kidding me?” I googled a holistic dentist in my area, and I haven't been to a dentist in 8 years now, and have healthy teeth and gums!

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Mercury Dental Fillings

Mercury can crack your teeth, poison your brain and body, wipe out your immune and poison you! You really need to remove any mercury amalgam fillings you have. This is critical as you are poisoning your body and brain. Choose a holistic dentist that does it safely as the mercury turns to a vapor gas and can cause serious health reactions and liver failure. Before you have mercury fillings removed, be sure to get some natural Zeolite Powder so you won't get sick from the mercury and gas when it gets brought up from your teeth.


Watch this video of a 60 minutes episode that the ADA (American Dental Association) told them not to air ever again. It gets taken down from YouTube frequently, but I will try to upload if it gets deleted, because this is important for everyone to see. Thanks to the interviewer Morley Safer, who is brave and doesn't back down from these ADA quacks and exposes the dangers of Mercury Dental Fillings:

Unfortunately, the video was taken down again by ADA request and I can no longer find it. Hope it returns because it shows how they lied to dentists to promote these toxic treatments as safe and necessary. They are not!

I Did find another great video that shows the very real dangers of mercury amalgam fillings and having them removed, Safely!

Pain Free Dental

If you are looking for Pain Free Dental Care then you need to go with holistic dentistry! Fluoride and Mercury are the most toxic and should never be in any human body. (Most modern conventional dentists do what the ADA tells them to do, regardless of your or your family's safety). Just like the AMA (American Medical Association) their allegiance and obligation is to Their Shareholders, and not your health. Just plain truth!


Like they told me in medical school, this is a business, plain and simple. There are no money in healing and curing, only in diagnosis and treatment. If you can't handle the truth, then leave. Which I quickly did. I could not sell out people for profit. I do believe in emergency medicine as it does work, but not sick care (yeah, it is NOT health care.) You can have a life of abundant health and happiness, if you do your own research and not blindly follow what the “whitecoats” (medical and dental board business people) tell you.


They are either programmed very well, or can be devious. Last time I went to a conventional dentist (they told me, of course, “you need a few root canals!”) To which I responded, “do you need a new home addition or yacht?” lol. I did not need a “few root canals” but I did need to do my own homework, and fortunately discovered a natural and pain free type of dentistry called holistic dentistry! 

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Temporary Tooth Repair

If you have a cracked, chipped, lost crown or tooth pain, then you should always have a Temporary Tooth Repair Kit (pictured above) at your disposal. They are very inexpensive and can help you till you have the chance to visit a holistic dentist for permanent repair. Using holistic dentistry can help you avoid a lot of the pain and dental problems that happen when you're using standard dentistry. 


Holistic dentistry is founded on using good oral health practices so your teeth, gums, smile and breath are noticeable in the best way possible. The best way to prevent damage is to develop good holistic dental practices like using a ionic toothbrush that doesn't wear your tooth enamel down by friction and excessive brushing (away your enamel.)


The Ionic toothbrush (pictured below) uses the natural ionic charge to naturally loosen and dissolve plaque and tartar so you save and protect your teeth instead. It's all I use now. It has saved my teeth enamel and now I don't need dental cleanings either. Use a good fluoride free toothpaste and floss and that's all you need. This was my very first move towards holistic dentistry, and I have been using it everyday since.

Holistic Dental Care

Dentistry is not supposed to be painful, harmful or actually Cause Tooth and Gum damage! Holistic Dental Care helps your body do what is knows how to do best by giving your teeth, gums and mouth the right environment to grow and maintain healthy dental enamel and gums. and you will so glad that you did.


What can holistic dentistry do for you? Here's the benefits of visiting a holistic dentist and using safe dental care and health promoting holistic dental products for you and your families dental health:

  • Safe and less painful treatment (You hear a whole lot less of those nasty drilling going on in the background)
  • No toxic products ever around you or in your mouth
  • Less return visits are necessary (they encourage natural dental hygiene and care)
  • Recommended products are safe and effective (no harmful side-effects here)
  • More cost effective (you don't loose unnecessary money buying pain and poisons)

I've made the switch to holistic dentistry and there is no way in the world I would ever go back. My standard dentist hacked up my mouth something terrible and I lost a lot of gum tissue and suffered through 4 root canals on the same tooth. 


They recommended the same for other teeth, and even wanted to do another root canal on the same one they didn't get right yet. At $2,000 a pop and horrible pain (even for a Marine) I said “are you kidding me?” I new I wanted to use holistic dentistry instead so I searched for a holistic dentist in my area, and I haven't been to a dentist in 8 years now, and have healthy teeth and gums. Holistic dentistry is now my primary oral health care choice.

cure cavities

How to Get Rid of Cavities

OK, so you or your loved ones (friend, relative or child) has a cavity, now what? Can you actually heal cavities naturally? You don't have to go through unnecessary dental treatments that cause you extreme pain and cost you extreme money while damaging your teeth and gums. Here How to Get Rid of Cavities naturally with holistic dentistry, the safe and effective way naturally at home:

  • Stop Tooth Decay: Steel Bite Pro is a nutritional supplement that makes your saliva highly anti-bacterial so it stops your tooth infection immediately. It also provides pain relief, rebuilds healthy gums, strengthens loose teeth and reverses tooth decay naturally. You will feel the results quickly and you will be amazed how fast it works, and the fact that it actually works! It rebuilds a healthy oral environment with restored gum line and teeth strong as “steel.”
  • Only use the Best Natural Toothpaste without harmful fluoride, SLS and other harmful toxins that actually damage your teeth. Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste is by far the best natural toothpaste I have ever tried in holistic dentistry! It is so easy to use, just a tiny tablet and leaves your teeth feeling the cleanest they ever have. You can feel the smooth cleanness on your teeth and it is naturally whitening with essential oils, minerals, coconut, mild mint and baking soda. Using it regularly stops tooth decay and builds natural enamel. It is without harmful Fluoride, SLS or additives.
  • LED Light Therapy for Teeth helps zap unhealthy bacterial and whiten your teeth safely. It is the fastest way to whiten your teeth at home. It uses natural UV wavelength light that also helps disinfect the areas between your teeth and prevents gingivitis and gum disease
  • Ozone Cavity Relief Kit is the best holistic dentistry oral treatment for cavities and the main used in the documentary “Root Cause” that allowed the creator who had severe health problems because of a root canal, finally recover. You can use the ozonated coconut oil pulling method if you don't have a holistic dentist that can do a ozone treatment for you.
  • Immediate Pain Relief: Oil of Cloves (Particularly Organic Clove Leaf, which has the highest analgesic or pain relief benefits)

Use holistic dentistry based dental health products like the ones below and you will not have to visit Dr. Pain, aka your traditional dentist again!

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Dental Health Products

You can get a good head start by choosing natural holistic dentistry for your toothcare needs. Here are some of the things you can do to insure you (and particularly seniors and children) are getting safe and non-toxic natural Dental Health Products:

  • Use the Organic Toothcare Kit (contains organic coconut oil, a tongue scraper and enamel building herbs that build healthy teeth and gums)
  • Brush with an Antibacterial Toothbrush (it's gentle and removes 48% more plaque than your regular electric or regular toothbrush)
  • Homeopathic Bioplasma Cell Salts: Dr. Weston Price (The worlds most researched holistic dentist) showed that tooth decay is caused primarily by a lack of absorbable minerals and vitamins A and D3, ideally from fermented cod liver oil! Bioplasma cell salts help restore proper mineralization to your teeth and get rid of cavities and abscesses naturally and safely (these are all the cell salts in one, you can also use just the tooth specific cell salts individually (numbers 1,2,8,10 and 12)
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil: One of Dr. Weston A Price's top recommendations for tooth health. A powerful oral health restorer (Helps reduce dental cavities, and improves tooth density and health

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Holistic Dentistry near me

Sometimes finding holistic dentistry near me can be challenging. So here is a place where you can find a natural dentist that uses safe and effective holistic dentistry instead of the harmful type. You can find the holistic dental practitioner list by clicking here.) Most insurance plans now cover holistic dental care, but you will have to search for them, as they're the needles in the haystack of dentistry. You're teeth and body will thank you.


Proper dental hygiene with holistic dentistry not only improves your oral health, but heart health as well. It is one of your first ways to prevent harmful bacteria from entering your body. If you keep your mouth healthy, then it is a lot easier for the rest of your body to gain the results. Holistic dentistry is a key to overall optimum wellness. Use it and you're well on your way to a beautiful and healthy smile that will last as long as you do. No pain and lots of gain.


If you want to heal your teeth at home using holistic dentistry then you will want to try the Steel Bit Pro Tooth Enamel Builder, Gum and Gingivitis Protector and Breath Freshener (shown below.) It stops toothache and gum pain quickly by smothering your tooth infection. It restores your natural gum line, strengthens your teeth, including loose teeth. See how well holistic dentistry works by healing your teeth naturally using Steel Bite Pro now to prevent and to heal!  

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