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Best Natural Toothpaste

What is the Best Natural Toothpaste? Holistic Dentistry is based on the foundation of health from the inside out. By keeping your teeth clean (including your gums and oral health) you can help prevent painful dental cavities (caries) and gingivitis (gum disease.) The best natural toothpaste uses the best ingredients that keep your mouth pH at the correct level (more alkaline as acids erode your tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.)

The best natural toothpaste is fluoride free (fluoride damages your teeth causing dental fluorosis and is harmful to your immune system and pineal gland; think IQ lowering. It is important to use a holistic dentistry natural toothpaste because it does not have any harmful chemicals, and keeps your teeth, gums and tongue clean, looking and smelling fresh and healthy.

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Is Fluoride Harmful?

Is Fluoride Harmful? Fluoride is another huge toxin and there is plenty of research on how dangerous and unnecessary this is for dental and immune system health. To see all the fluoride dangers visit the Fluoride Action Network for more info on what this does to your body and health. It does not protect your teeth one bit, it does poison your brain and immune system! It doesn't help prevent cavities either, it actually causes dental fluorosis! 


You can easily get the toxic sodium fluoride out of your tap water using a Fluoride and Radiation Removing Water Filter. You don't need fluoride, and you can now get a good fluoride-free toothpaste almost anywhere. I do highly recommend the Jade Enameling Toothpaste (shown towards the end of this article) because not only is it fluoride free, but it restores lost tooth enamel, whitens your teeth and even boosts your immune system!


You also are frequently zapped with cancer causing radiation from the x-rays. If you don't think it's dangerous, then why does the dentist and staff leave the room and hide behind lead walls as they zap you? These are all forms of heavy metal toxicity and poisoning (radiation is a heavy metal as well.) Zeolite is the only natural substance that can safely remove all three of these harmful toxins from your body.

toothpaste tablets

Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Fluoride Free Toothpaste is the best thing you can do to prevent tooth decay! Fluoride causes tooth decay and dental fluorosis (tooth pitting) and wipes our your immune system, as well as lowers your IQ by up to 10 points. It is a harmful toxin to be avoided at all costs. There are many great natural toothpastes that you can use that are fluoride free. I particularly love the Toothpaste Tablets (shown at the bottom of this page.)


Research the film “Root Cause.” They also promoted sodium fluoride, mercury amalgam fillings and suggested you should smoke cigarettes! You can still see the ads where they did so on YouTube! Holistic Dentistry can help you reverse the damage caused by “modern dentistry” and restore optimum dental health and beautiful teeth.natural toothpaste

Toothpaste without SLS

What is SLS? SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulfate is used to create foam and as a filler in toothpaste, shampoo and cleaning products. It is a common allergen and is usually produced from petroleum products but can be made from plant alternatives instead. Since it is not necessary and potentially harmful choosing a toothpaste without SLS is important to your holistic dentistry oral health plan.


The best natural toothpaste is SLS-free toothpaste that use nano-hydroxyapatite and other natural tooth cleansers to disperse and remove food particles and acids that cause tooth decay better than SLS. Organic Essential Oils, Coconut and baking soda naturally help remove food, stains, and whiten teeth for a beautiful smile all without using SLS or fluoride.

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Best Natural Whitening

Best Natural Whitening. Natural tooth whitening probiotics like ProDentim (pictured above) are better than chemical ones because they do not cause tooth sensitivity like the chemical whitening toothpaste and tooth whitening products do. The best natural tooth whitening comes from alkaline bonded minerals with probiotics that naturally whitens your teeth while cleansing them and protecting your tooth enamel and gumline.


It should be used with a quality Nano-Hydroxyapatite toothpaste toothpaste that coats your teeth so stains are prevented even they would normally form. Baking soda and coconut oil are very good for natural tooth whitening as well. It can not only whiten your teeth, but improve sensitive teeth by reversing painful tooth decay caused by acids that erode your tooth enamel and alkalize and re-mineralize your teeth for superior dental health. That's why it is by far the best natural toothpaste you can get anywhere. 

nano hydroxypatite

Nano-Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

Nano-Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste is the best natural toothpaste and the most beneficial non-fluoride toothpaste ingredient you've probably never heard of, yet! It can save your teeth and dental health. Make sure it is IN YOUR TOOTHPASTE!

6 Benefits of Nano-Hydroxyapatite for Teeth

1. It can prevent and heal cavities.
Every time HAp has been pitted against fluoride toothpastes, it either performs equally well or better as a remineralizing agent.

It increases the microhardness of human enamel and prevents and reverses enamel erosion more effectively than over-the-counter fluoridated toothpaste.

A concentration of 10% hydroxyapatite was just as effective as an amine fluoride toothpaste in a December 2019 study for preventing and reversing tooth decay in children.

HAp was successfully able to shrink lesions of decay (called “caries lesions” or “carious lesions”) on teeth and improve enamel remineralization in a study conducted in Japan. According to the authors, the more hydroxyapatite in the toothpaste, the better it restored the enamel surface.

In 2019, a study found that the use of hydroxyapatite toothpaste actually created a coating on the teeth more sturdy than that formed by fluoride toothpaste. This helped to strengthen enamel for future resistance to breakdown.

And unlike fluoride toothpaste, hydroxyapatite toothpaste won’t ever cause fluorosis.

2. It’s non-toxic & biocompatible.
One of the biggest drawbacks of fluoride toothpaste is that fluoride, at high doses, is a neurotoxicant (a toxin that impacts the brain). However, hydroxyapatite toothpaste is a biocompatible substance that your body recognizes as something that belongs there.

The CDC found that most kids use far more toothpaste than they should. This is a big problem when you’re talking about toothpastes with hundreds of times the amount of fluoride than is found in water.

But it’s not a problem with HAp.

Hydroxyapatite particles are “biomimetic,” meaning they mimic the body’s own familiar materials. They’re wildly unlikely to cause any sort of negative reaction.

Some kinds of HAp toothpaste are made with nano-hydroxyapatite. This tiny kind of particle is not naturally occurring and has to be created synthetically. However, there is no evidence that these synthetic particles are less biomimetic or toxic in any way. (You can read more about HAp sizes below.)

3. It may help teeth appear whiter.
Without any whitening ingredients, hydroxyapatite toothpaste may help to brighten and whiten your teeth.

Toothpaste is, as I’ve said many times before, a polishing dental product. This means that it isn’t necessary for the disorganization of the bacteria on your teeth (which is the point of brushing teeth) but is actually meant to polish teeth.

It can also be used for additional benefits, such as aiding remineralization (in a way similar, but not the same, to fluoride’s action).

One of these benefits is an increased whitening effect. While HAp doesn’t change the “polishing” activity of toothpaste, it adds a whitening element not otherwise seen by standard toothpaste.

HAp literally “fills in” the enamel of your teeth with healthy tooth structure, altering the appearance of teeth to be whiter.

4. It’s good for the oral microbiome.
Using HAp toothpaste will help protect your teeth from “acid attacks” by bacteria, but without wrecking your oral microbiome. Fluoride, on the other hand, is bactericidal and tends to kill off bacteria in the mouth.

Many oral care products think that by eliminating bacteria, they’re improving the health of the mouth.

They’re not.

The oral microbiome needs a good balance of bacteria to function properly and keep your mouth healthy. Agents like chlorhexidine, alcohol, or triclosan may temporarily alleviate bacterial overgrowth problems, but they cause far more issues over time than they help.

Hydroxyapatite particles in toothpaste prevent bacteria from attaching to the enamel of teeth just as effectively as antibacterial agents, but without killing the actual bacteria.

This is a huge benefit, as bacteria congregating on your teeth in one area is what leads to “acid attacks” (when bacteria “poop” out the high-carbohydrate food particles in your mouth). Those attacks are what cause tooth decay.

Not only does it help prevent acid attacks, it won’t destroy your precious oral microbiome.

5. It’s resistant to acidic pH.
The pH of the mouth should remain slightly alkaline to avoid inflammation and oral disease.

HAp toothpaste helps teeth become more resistant to acidic pH within the mouth, which would otherwise dissolve and break down enamel more quickly.

6. It may improve gum health.
Preliminary results have found that the use of HAp toothpaste may help improve gum health in patients with gum disease.

It is the best natural toothpaste and Improvements seen included plaque control, bleeding gums, and pocket depth.

best natural toothpaste reviews

Nano Hydroxapatite Toothpaste Reviews

See the nano Hydroxapatite toothpaste reviews above. These are just a few of the many who (like myself) will not use anything else, because it works so much better than anything else. I highly, highly recommend the Heart Tone Nano Hydroxapatite Toothpaste below as it is the best natural toothpaste you can get. Just look at the ingredient list and it shows why it works so well, as do the testimonials as you will discover when you try it for yourself..

Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

Best Natural Toothpaste

Here is the best natural toothpaste (with nano-Hydroxyapatite, SLS and fluoride free) and best toothpaste tablets along with the best toothbrush to use as well as tooth remineralizing minerals that you take as a supplement to help your teeth stay strong and healthy from the root canal up to the crown enamel!

  • Heart Tone Botanicals Hydroxapatite Toothpaste is the best natural toothpaste I have ever tried in holistic dentistry! It is a true Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste that remineralizes your teeth, while reversing tooth decay and making sensitive teeth feel normal again. It so easy to use, just a tiny tablet and leaves your teeth feeling the cleanest they ever have. You can feel the smooth cleanness on your teeth and it is naturally whitening with essential oils, minerals, infection removing zeolite powder and colloidal silver liquid, coconut, mild mint and baking soda. Using it regularly stops tooth decay and builds natural enamel. It is without harmful Fluoride, SLS or additives.
  • Oral Probiotics: Pro-Dentim is a natural oral probiotic supplement that floods your mouth with healthy bacteria that crowds out unhealthy bacteria that cause tooth decay, gingivitis, pitted teeth and even freshens your breath naturally. It also helps keep your teeth whiter. Use after meals to stop acids from destroying your teeth and gums.
  • Stop Tooth Decay: Steel Bite Pro is a nutritional supplement that makes your saliva highly anti-bacterial so it stops your tooth infection immediately. It also provides pain relief, rebuilds healthy gums, strengthens loose teeth and reverses tooth decay naturally. You will feel the results quickly and you will be amazed how fast it works, and the fact that it actually works! It rebuilds a healthy oral environment with restored gum line and teeth strong as “steel.”
  • Use the Organic Toothcare Kit (contains organic coconut oil, a tongue scraper and enamel building herbs that build healthy teeth and gums. You can use it with the best natural toothpaste tablets.)
  • Immediate Pain Relief: Oil of Cloves (Particularly Organic Clove Leaf, which has the highest analgesic or pain relief benefits)

Use holistic dentistry based dental health products and best natural toothpaste like the ones show above and you will not have to visit Dr. Pain, aka your traditional dentist again!

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